NTLite Makes The Customize Windows Setup Disk Easy


Most of us find the job tedious when then reinstall Windows. And if you are required to do it in a regular basis, then how much boring it would be you imagine. The matter is not just setting up the Windows. The afterword job is more boring while making the system setup executable properly.

NTLite is one of the programs that can save your time and help you to build the Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which can be your own custom set disk. And these process leaves the irrelevant component of the Windows which a user doesn’t require. With this, you can even install the driver software that you must require. It is possible choose the service pack also that you need.

To make such install, what you need is to make a source Windows image and this will possibly be your Windows disk. It can even be a WIM image that can be found in your hard drive or even some other appropriate ESD, WIM or SWM file.

Just double-click imported image. You will be able to customize the program through a wizard which is straight forward and as like as an interface. Click components and the free-for-personal-use will remove the items like the directory services of Active Directory. It will remove the Hyper-V, BitLocker, BrandChache, HomeGroups and many more things.

If you wish to add an item, you can do that also. You can add your installation that includes an update of the Windows, service packs, drivers, and language pack. There are some options to adjust the different windows setting. This can include the customization of the startup state of the different Windows services.

During the installation process, you can define the answer for all the steps and there you get the option to run the defined programs. After completion of the installation service, the program can create the bootable ISO file of the custom image and that you run like another setup disk of the Windows.

While using NTLite, some caution should be made. If remove the core component of the main windows, it may create an unexpected effect on your computer and one should not reinstall Windows which doesn’t have any backup.

Download NTLite

Download NTLite x64

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