Opera 30 Introduces Side Bar And Improves The Tab Views

Opera 30

Opera browser, a program of the Norwegian browser developer, has been developed and released for the desktop as well as for the mobile, which is a landmark version. The final debuts of the browser, Opera 30, has 3 notable features which are totally new.

The latest version of the browser has made it the easiest to view and user can switch between the tabs and add new sidebar extension. It has again introduced a Trash folder which will able the user to save or restore bookmarks.

The web browser has refined and developed its tab handling features and incorporated Tab Sync options. The tab menu of the browser firstly offers easy access to the tab which are recently closed and sync all the tabs including the one which is just open.

Secondly, it has added a tab preview features which helps the user to roam between the tabs which are opened just using the CTRL and Tab button of the keyboard. Now it has given a speedier movement between the web pages just using tab. This is not a default service. If the user wants to disable the option, it could be done too.

The Opera 30 version has incorporated with an extension sidebar that allows the supported extension sidebar to run in a sidebar. This can be accessed via Opera then Extension then sidebar menu. Some other sidebars are also released like with bookmarks, calculator, notes and TweetDeck are the some available options. These are easily accessible and can be installed directly from the sidebar of the browser with a click on + button. Once the sidebar is created, it will show as default. It can be minimized by double-click also.

Thirdly, changes can be seen to the new trash folder which is added to the bookmark tools of opera new. The deleted items of the browser are now moved to the Trash. It will be restored on the trash folder until the user deletes them from the place permanently.

Opera 30 has included the sync settings. This includes the preferences in browsing, setting, adding the HTML5 media source extension support and other HD screens. The bugs are fixed and it incorporates with stability improvement.

The mobile version of the browser is yet to be released and should include the speed dial sync and new context menu and other major changes for controlling the app.

Opera 30 freeware is downloadable from the web for Mac, Android, and Windows and for the 64 bit Linux user. Opera Mini 9.0 for android has also added a night mode settings, open sync tab and speed dial. You can just get it as a try if you haven’t used it yet.

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