Policeman: An Awesome Add-On For Selective Web Script, Styles And Frames Block


Policeman, an add-on of Firefox, always helps the user to fight back by providing you well and complete control over the contents which one you want to access and which one you want to block.

The add-on functions very well as a beneficial way to view the requests which are made by a page. The page includes images, scripts, styles, objects, frames and more.

When you begin to construct rule, life becomes more enjoyable. You can block or allow the source destination domains by depending on the content types which are defined by custom filters.

Policeman could be used as a very simple block list and of course something much more out of making a block list depending on the need of yours. You can block the requests for anything from the malicious.com to any other domain. At the same time, you can block requests for the scripts from one website to another website.

If you want to set up this, it takes much time and it requires a lot of interaction from the operator level to get the thing properly working. If you don’t allow the requirement, many sites will not properly work. For that, you need to allow required content.

The filtering can be stopped or disabled by a click if you find any problem. Policeman gives the user so much control over the content which you can access and this might count the primary hassles of setting up.

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