Tablacus Explorer – Open Source File Manager For Organizing Folders

Tablacus Explorer

The Tablacus Explorer is one of the best tabbed related file manager which has got the Add-on related support. This has the best tabbed interface and even the impressive add-on-support. So, not only it is quite portable, there is no need of installation required for this tool. Even it has multiple language support and to an extend the Unicode support. Also, the total file size and number of columns are customized. The customized menus, association, mouse gestures, keys, etc. are pretty much some of the best interesting features of this tool.

Being an open source tool, it can be available in various versions like 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Even the operating system has to be Windows one and should be of the version 8.1, 8.2, XP, Vista, 32-bit, etc.

A simple glance at the Tablacus Explorer would show you that it was a simple open-source related file manager which is extremely designed to assist in organizing the major contents of the folder. Plus the tool is very much portable and runs quite efficiently on the running mode. Besides these features, it has got a ZIP package which consist of 64 bit and 32-bit related version of the program. So, what happens is that you won’t be needing to install any kind of utility of your system as this is very much portable.

It is so simple to run and make this tool work. By simply opening the executable files, you can just copy it on any kind of portable devices and medium like how you use the USB flash drive. Another extensive feature is the cleaning feature. This ensures that then the user interface is quite straightforward and it would help in getting your work proper and also would ensure that the program is in the proper state in no time.

And interesting you can even notice that it would be easy for you to switch between the various kinds of folders and this is all because of the available and built-in kind of tabbed support. Even there are the presences of the sorting, view and another kind of handy feature which makes this tool quite awesome.

Download Tablacus Explorer

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