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The VoiceBot helps you to take command in a game with the help of using your voice. Not only that, you can send commands to the applications and games which are simply as easy as giving or passing commands loudly. All you have to do is use your voice just like how you use the keyboard shortcuts and click and move the mouse and this would just help in executing the complicated scripts and macros involved in it.

With the VoiceBot you can take easy control of the favorite game and even bind the given command. This is done in all the given action games and helps in performing the complex and simple kind of action with a single word.  Another biggest advantage is the Full VR Compatibility. This helps in ensuring that you are very much compatible of your favorite type of VR headset and this consist of the Oculus Rift.

You can even see that the it is quite easy to take your favorite VR game and the gaming experience to the next level, which is the first quality of immersion. Even the characteristics of the Ready to Use type of gaming profiles is something to watch out for. This particular feature consists of packed up hundred of premade type of gaming profiles which have been already for using.

Whether it is an old game, indie game, new game or the simple huge budget games, VoiceBot can easily cover up all those gaming features. The Scriptable Game Macros is indeed one  of the most custom related gaming macros which can assist in binding the voice commands. All one has to do is use the simple editor feature. This would help in creating a basic kind of sequence which would help in coding the current complex related scripted and macros. This is done by using the built-in C# coding which simply helps in limiting your imagination.

Plus with the VoiceBot, you can just synchronize between computers. All you have to do is just sign in the binary fortress account and then you can easily synchronize the gaming profiles among your computer very easily. Unlike another kind of gaming tools, it is more reliable.

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