The best of freeware & shareware

We have selected the best of all shareware, and created the section named The best of „Must have“ shareware here at The list containing the best of freeware can be found at in the section named Best freeware downloads.

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Lavasoft announced “Ad-Aware Game Edition”

Lavasoft, makers of globally trusted Ad-Aware security software, announced the release of Ad-Aware Game Edition – a spin-off of its flagship product – aimed specifically to meet the needs of today’s online gamers and entertainment fans with real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, and technology designed to deliver online protection without interruptions or resource strain.

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Game Consoles Affordable In Time For Holidays

Now that class is back in session and the overwhelm of “Back to School” sales has ground to a halt, the Christmas shopping season is already shifting into gear. Sony has gotten a jump start on the holiday by cutting a hundred dollars from the price tag of its PlayStation 3. The cut, and the advertising barrage than accompanied it, boosted PS3 sales by three hundred percent in the last three weeks of August alone, with revenue process up by 140 percent. That figure is lower than the unit-sales figure because of the price drop, and still remarkable due to that fact.

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