Lavasoft announced “Ad-Aware Game Edition”

Lavasoft, makers of globally trusted Ad-Aware security software, announced the release of Ad-Aware Game Edition – a spin-off of its flagship product – aimed specifically to meet the needs of today’s online gamers and entertainment fans with real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, and technology designed to deliver online protection without interruptions or resource strain.

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Safer For Gamers

Level Up! hosts and distributes two Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing Games (MMORPG) titles in the Philippines: Ragnarok and Oz world. Both games are among the most popular in the country, with Level up! among the first companies to enter the now hotly contested online games market.

Early on, Level Up! realized that it had to protect its gaming network infrastructure, which serves some 1 million subscribers.

Complicating the security picture: Of the million subscribers, 31 per cent are users who play from home and 42 per cent long on from Internet cafes. About 23 per cent of users play games from both locations.

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