XMedia Recode – Interactive Audio and Video Transcoding Program

XMedia Recode

The XMedia Recode is one of the best audio and freeware video transcoding programs. This was introduced by Microsoft Windows and was developed by a developer called Sebastian Dorfler. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it can export as well as import all the kinds of files like MP4, WMV, MP3, Matroska, 3GP, and the list goes on.  Also, the XMedia Recode can easily convert various unprotected DVD files or DVD in order to support all kind of output file. It has got the extensive feature which is similar to the drop-and-drag kind of interface.

Plus it uses the extensive feature of job queuing and processing of the batch which simply automates the major task in terms of various files. Until April 2013, this program is very much active and updated. Even there has been recent updations in terms of better stability, importing of subtitles (external ones), video rotation, latest x264/ffmpge etc. Besides these numerous attractions, there are various features this tool has.

The first interesting feature is the output to video only is not only present in this tool. Even the Audio only and Video and Audio output is even present. It is easy to copy the videos and even the audio as well as video tracks from the given input file. This ensures that there is a smooth conversion. It even helps in preseting the profiles and among the various kind of media devices like Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, iPhone, Zune, and various other).

Plus it can support various languages like French, German, English, Japanese, and Italian. The presences of the Bitrate Calculator would assist in calculating the required amount of video bitrate so that it can help in achieving the desired kind of filesize which is based on the various kind of media like DVD, CD, memory card, and the list goes on. It even allows the user to select the various percentage of media which can help in making a fine controlling.

In addition, it displays the basic media related information about each of the videos present. And one can even get the detailed view by simplifying access the right controls and in this case it is right clicking the context menu of each of the videos.

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