NetRouteView 1.30- Displaying All the Routes in Your Network


The NetRouteView 1.30 helps in displaying the list of the various routes present in the current network. Basically, this particular tool was developed and designed to be an alternative for the GUI and the standard route related utility (which means route.exe).  Even this tool allows one to add all kind of new routes and in case if there are any existing or old route, then they can be removed as well as modified. The tool is quite simple to use and does not require any kind of installation process or additional files like the DLL. It is quite interactive and customer-friendly.

With regard to the NetRouteView 1.30, the biggest advantage about this tool is one won’t require any kind of installation procedures and even any kind of additional DLL files. So, it means that unlike the various kinds of tools available online, the NetRouteView 1.30 is quite easy to install. Plus in order to start using it, one must need to just copy the executable files (which means the NetRouteView.exe) to any of the given folder available of like by the user. Once it is copied, then it has to be executed by running it.

In this tool, the major window of this tool displays the given and available list present in the network routes just like ‘print’ command which is present in the utility route of the Windows. This tool allows you to choose a single and basic route and then get it deleted. The route can be deleted by clicking the Del Key or one can just modify it by clicking the CTRL+M key.

One must be quite aware that those routes which have a Static Route value present in the Protocol column can be easily used for deleting or modifying. In addition, one can add various kinds of new routes by the usage of the New Route option whose shortcut key is CTRL+N.

Basically, the NetRouteView 1.30 is alternative to the GUI when compared to the standard route which is the Route.exe related to the Windows OS. Here it would show the various list of all the given routes related to the current network and this even includes the mask, destination, interface IP address, gateway, metric value, IP address, Protocol, type, age, MAC address, interface name, etc.

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