RoTunneling VPN 4.17 – Protecting Your Online Privacy

RoTunneling VPN

The RoTunneling VPN 4.17 is one of the best intuitive and user-friendly software solution which aims in providing the users the basic ability to protect the online privacy and even connecting to various sites which were previously unavailable. Once you have passed the uneventful installation procedure, then you can easily launch the given application and start working on it. The tool features various kinds of distinct connection options. Most of the connections are related to the cities of Romania. And at the same time, one has the ability to configure the own VPN by adding the port name, host name, and other kinds of important details. This tool has got various features and one among them is the distinct and multiple connection option which is easily available from various Romanian cities. Even at the same time, the user can easily configure the given VPN by inputting the port number and host name and other important details.

Basically, before these are connected to the service, they would be shown as Offline. But once the session is started, then the status of the VPN would get changed to Connected. Interestingly, this tool can be easily minimized as per the notification area of the user, where he or she can gain access through it and even be able to adjust the various kinds of configuration preferences and even just disconnect them.

Additionally, this utility tool makes uses of the strong 128-bit AES encryption related algorithm which can help in protecting and safeguarding the various sensitive information. And these are of course handy if you do intend for opting the online transactions or trying to gain a better access to the personal account. This would help in reducing the basic risk which is related to the third party individuals and help in gaining knowledge of the data.

Another interesting feature of the RoTunneling VPN 4.17 is that it offer the user the basic ability to choose the specific and require VPM and even help in setting up the startup connections. This would ensure that the user activities are immediately protected once he or she is logged into the Windows account. Plus you can easily set up the password for the client administration so that you can simply use the given program and not anyone else.

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