Best and Easy to Use Compact Cloud-Related Malware Detector

Crystal Security

The biggest drawback with any kind of anti-malware is that it provides real time protection but you may end up weighing down your PC with lot of other factors like drivers, services, background processes, DLLs and the list goes on.  This compact cloud based tool is known to do things differently and being a tiny download, all the given single files (i.e. about 830) are executable. Plus they run easily on the Windows XP and other versions.

There are various features of this tool and one among them is the on-demand scanner. For accessing this feature, you need to click on the ‘Quick’ option and then the program would automatically crawl through the entire files of the system. This is done using various engines so that it can check the dubious files. And it involves even uploading all the kinds of things that are thought to be related to Crystal’s own cloud.

To be more precise, the Crystal Security tool can be simply developed for starting the Windows and the user can even do the day to day and weekly scans. The most surprising aspect is the program can monitor the system even while looking out, running and checking the various kinds of dangers. Sometimes the tool would check out if anything is uploaded which is potentially dangerous for the cloud and immediately it would be alerted to the user.

Now if the user is using one of the dud antivirus tools, the tool can be quite handy and there are various types of setting present in it which can easily help in customizing the usage based on how it functions. Sometimes you would be concerned about the impact this tool can bring in terms monitoring the program files, disabling the checking feature which is for modified and created objects, etc. No doubt, the Crystal tool checks the entire running process and gives the required protection that the user wants.

If you feel that the usage is quite strong, then you do have the option of cutting the functionality and providing more basic monitoring standards at the startup location. However, it would be basic and would be just enough for doing any kind of download.

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