Lack of Drop and Drag Option In Freemake Video Convertor

Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter is truly one of the best and easy to use media conversion tool. There are various features but only one annoying disadvantage. The disadvantage is that the tool does not have a drop or drag support, so it means that you would have to click the Add button. After the target button is clicked, then the targeted files are selected manually.

Luckily this has been addressed and tried to solve in the latest release, so the new Freemake Video Converter 4.1.9 is one of the best tool which can support the drop and drag option. Frankly, the developers and testers did not notice any potential or major issue with the Windows OS and that is the major reason on why the dropped and drag files have been accepted and treated on the first launch. However, this is only a temporary issue.

Now if this procedure is not working for you, then you must close and get the program restarted and then everything would be fine. If there is any additional bug, then it would mean the issue with Vimeo downloads and it could work positively and great.

A simple research online can provide you with abundant information related to the tool if you want. No doubt, the Freemake Video Converter is one of the perfect and best media conversions for the Windows XP and other versions.

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