Monitoring Various Programs That Are Running On Your PC With The Help Of The Apps Tracker

Apps Tracker

The Apps Tracker is one of the best and easy to use open source tools. This logs on to the program which is running on the PC and even provides information on how long the program is running. Unlike other programs, this is quite portable and there are no Windows services and intrusive drivers to get worried about. All you have to do is launch the given tool, click the windows option, close button and minimizing the system tray.

True the system tray is not one of the best or stealth option. And it is not hidden from other users. So, it means that it is not the best or easy way for spying on people especially the ones who are technical users. By default, the program would first start to record the usage of the PC. Once that is done, then you can easily toggle this off and on. This can be simply done by clicking the ‘tracking icon’ present in the status bar. It is easy to get the usage report and that is available at any time. This so called usage report gets published on the main window of the tracker.

Basically, what happens is that the data section of this tool would list the entire applications which have been constantly used, and the ones that are selected to be shown as a single display as and when it is used and for how long. Here, there are the list of various changes done to the application title bar, which is quite handy for seeing the various details like URL, opening the document names, etc.

Even though this feature is not simply enabled by default, the app tracker can easily capture the various activities that you do on the screen, at regular intervals. These kind of images can be seen from the given Screenshot and also the tab of it. Plus with this tool, you can organize the apps into various groups like play, work, etc. This tool gives the entire time spend on each of the given categories. In addition, the tool has got password protection feature which can protect others from making changes to the given settings.

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