CopyPlain Text – Easy Formulation for Copied Text

CopyPlain Text

Sometimes while browsing the web, you might come across various interesting text. Then you might copy them and paste it somewhere else. Afterwards you realize that it has all the required and original formatting which now will be somewhat unnecessary. Even you might not require the image too.

Basically, the CopyPlain Text is a add-on from Firefox. This can easily support the function of copying plain text and another feature that you might see is adding some handy text processing feature which works great for you.

No doubt, this tool is very much straightforward. You have to choose some formatted text. Then after that, you will need to right-click and choose the option called as new ‘Copy As Plain Text’ option. Here the graphics and formatting can be stripped out, thereby only leaving the text option. So, if you want to do formatting, then you have to right-click and select the option ‘Copy’ which you do as before.

Furthermore, the add-on’s of this Option dialog can even allow further and better reformatting. And here it includes the trimming surplus lines and can even contain the spaces. Here it is all about the handy option if the initial selection as per you is not precise.

Also, there are other various and significant options that can be used for reformatting the various special characters, just like how you copyright the symbol with the word ‘c’ and even using the trademark symbol which is the ‘TM’. Not to forget with the CopyPlain Text you can easily assign various or a single custom keyboard shortcut which can be used as a copy action.

Sometimes you might feel that it is simple and small but through regular formatting you can reformat the pasted text and use the CopyPlain Text features. Basically, the feature can simply save a lot of time as well as hassle for you. So go ahead and check out this tool.

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