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Makagiga had started to come into existence a long time ago. It started as an open-source, Java related RSS reader. However, later on the developers took it further by adding more functionality.  Currently the program has got one of the best capable-to-do manager, a good note taker, simple and attractive function filled image editor, and more.

All this is possible and done through web searching, optional plugs, a thesaurus, an OpenStreetMap viewers, Markdown or LaTex or BB Code previews, barcode generation, screen capture, and the list goes on. Sometimes you might feel that this would take a lot of age for mastering but in reality it is quite different. The bundled example and smart interface simply gets you to use it right away.

The left-hand pane of the Makagiga has a tree. For example let us consider the name of the folder as ‘RSS Feed’. All you have to do is click this and immediately certain sample feed might appear. You have to click anyone of them and you will immediately gain access to it. Plus you can download, and be able to display the new tab in the right hand pane. It is quite simple.

So, now expanding the ‘Examples’ folder will display various items that are supported by Makagiga like images, todo items, links and notes. Now by clicking any of these options, it will open various new tabs which can be used for further explorations.

Now the ‘Todo’ manger is a basic one but it is the best one from the group. All you have to do is set up the major priorities and then simply assign dates and times to them, add various colors, get them organize into various categories, adding tags, and the list goes on.  In addition, the Image editor looks quite smarter than you can think. It has got various options like rotate, resize, flip, etc.

Download Makagiga

Download Makagiga for Linux

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