Five Basic Tools for Getting Back the Corrupted Word Documents

DataNumen Word Repair

Sometimes you might be slogging out on how to recover the contents of a corrupted document. You could try the Viewer, but it will only open the file once it gets repaired. So, the next option is to use third party recovery tool. Some of the major or you can say the five famous and the best recovery tools are – DataNumen Word Repair 2.5, DocRepair 3.10, Savvy DOCX Recovery 3.0, Stellar Phoenix Word Repair, and Office Recovery.

The DataNumen Word Repair 2.5 is available in the Windows NT platform and it supports the various file formats like DOCX, DOC, Microsoft Word 6 and Office 2-13. DataNumen Word Repair opens while displaying a non-resizable and cramped interface. And here if the recovery is successful then a window appears which would show the results.

Now the DocRepair 3.10 works on the Windows NT+ platform and it supports the Word format like DOCX, DOC, Word 6.0 and the 2010 version. This product is available at the price of $79. Now in the first glance you might feel easy to use this in terms of competition, but with a three steps wizard for leading the various recovery process.

Another tool which is the Savvy DOCX Recovery 3.0. This is also one of the best tool which works on Windows XP-8 and it can support DOCX, Word 2007-2013. Available at free price, this is the best Word repair tool which can be one of the best competitor for the eye-waterly expensive ones. Initially, you might feel wary because of the signs that come up.

The assorted buttons and the menu options can simply lead to various hosts of websites. Some of them will be pointless and it can be of broken links. Here the the developer will highlight his own option called ‘$22 manual repair’.

Now the Stellar Phoenix Word Repair works quite well in the Windows NT+–7 and it can support the DOC, DOCX, Office 2000-2010. Priced at non-commercial price of $49 it is priced at $199 for commercial usage. It is quite easy to install this tool and one won’t encounter any kind of annoying dependencies with this tool.

Lastly, is the Office Recovery too. This is an online service tool and can support Word version 6.0 which is 2010. Simply priced at $39 just for one file and $59 for the 30 within 48 hours. Plus one can more subscriptions with this tool. Basically, the Office Recovery is one of the best web service and this can easily resolve various host of files types like the virtual machines, office, email, images, databases, archives, and more.

Download DataNumen Word Repair

Download DocRepair

Download Savvy DOCX Recovery

Download Stellar Phoenix Word Repair

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