40 Tricks And Tips On Master Google Android

The initial impression one gets after using the Android Phone is that you are now truly connected, globally.

As the Verizon advertisements refresh our memories that the Android and the Apple’s iPhone are antipodes the former has an open source which is free of any unexplained application rejections and is completely modifiable to the user’s needs. The iPhone may be Apple’s magnum opus the Android is Google’s match to it and more. All you have to do is explore its potential.

These 40 tricks and tips will offer you ways of maximizing the usage of your Android device. These tips are applicable to the Android 2.0 yet most of these tips are applicable to any of the Android Devices. And all these tricks do not require you to try underhanded things or hack.

Here is the manual to make your the masters of your Android protocol.

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Multitouch Browsing Now On Droid

Verizon’s Droid made an explosion during its launch week and proved itself to be worthy. The handset can do extensive actions but there is still one prominent feature missing and that is multitouch browsing.

Handset without the multitouch function is really unusual because most of the other versions like European and Milestone recognize it. The reason behind American Droid’s lack of multitouch browsing is an unresolved issue but some implied that it is due to Apple’s exclusive rights to multitouch functionality and there are also some impressions about Android 2.0 applications not compatible with multitouch features.

The real reason behind the issue is not known but having the feature will certainly make the handset more favorable. And finally, all the waiting is over because today Droid absolutely considered having multitouch features.

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