Opera Announces The Release Of Opera 12.13 Final



Software developer Opera has now announced the launch of its first 2013 Opera version. Opera 12.13 Final is simply a tool of its own. Its noteworthy bug fixes make it one of the most essential soft wares to be released in 2013. It has already been released for public testing.

There are notable bug fixes that will definitely make it a software to be adored. If the software is disconnected from the internet, the user does not have to experience the boring WebPages being loaded especially during the start up. The new opera is compatible with both Linux and Windows and the program also comes with a brand new standalone checker.  This is in line with Operas venture and attempt to update and make its automatic update system is a better feature. Needless to say, there is also enhanced protection that keeps the user safe from hijackers. This is a clear indication that there will be no effect or impact from one time resets.

Opera 12.13 Final boasts of reliable security fixes. For starters, manipulation of DOM events is possible and can play a critical role when the user wants to execute random or subjective codes. The other equally important security fix is the easy use of SVG clip paths. They come in handy when you want to execute arbitrary codes. The discussion of these security enhancements cannot be complete without the mention of Cross origin resource sharing (CORS) that can exclude preflight requests.  These are just but some of the features that make the new operas a better tool than its predecessors’. All computers that are using Windows, Linux or Mac can download this new entity. There is also an alternative of installation especially for users who have Windows 64-bit. The browser is defiantly going to cause excitement amongst opera enthusiasts because of the minimal crashes.

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