Been offered a Job? Beware of Identity Theft

As the rate of unemployment rises in the U.S., so does the number of job search scams which stealing the identity of innocent job seekers.

The number of job search scams has increased against the people who are desperately seeking a source of income, exposing them to the risk of identity theft.

Lyn Chitow Oaks, the Chief Marketing Officer – TrustedID, the agency that provides Identity theft protection to businesses, individuals and families, has announced that the number of scams has burgeoned over the last 6 to 9 months due to the fall in the employment rate in the country.

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Google Chrome Operating System butchered by Microsoft

Here is the story of how Redmond neutralized the Net Appliance Operating System by Google before it hit the market.

Slim is the way to be. This was the message I am taking away from all the pomp and show of the media intensive demonstration if Chrome Operating System. It seemed successful as everyone came away singing praises of the lighter, smaller desktop model which would have its base in the web instead of the machine certified to be the terminator of the MS Windows. This covers Redmond too.

It is a surety that Microsoft is enjoying the display as a means of great entertainment. After sparing with the imaginary opponent in the Chrome Operating System announced by the developers even when it was in its developmental stages Microsoft now has a concrete target to mark. And mark it, they will, with rancour.

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Better Movie Search on Google

If you are out of town and on-the-move with nothing but your mobile phone to entertain you, then don’t worry. Google has found a way to give you access to a movie search on the iPhone, Android Enabled device or the Palm WebOS, on which searching for movies will be child’s play.

Access your mobile browser, run a search for movies and then click on the option of more movies, this will update your interface and also display the movie synopsis, its trailer and the local venue it is playing at. The site will give you the review ratings, the category of the movie and some posters and models to admire.

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The Google and TiVo Partnership

The news about Google and TiVo merging in a project is really not surprising. Many are wondering why this did not happen earlier, but finally Google and TiVo announced the partnership. Google is now given access with TiVo’s second by second television viewing data making television advertisements more accomplished compared to the past.

According to the deal TiVo’s participation will be anonymous and its purpose is to gather and accumulate data about viewers’ manners.

However, the purpose of allowing an advertiser to decide if the commercial is accomplishing its intention is quite remarkable.

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Requests For iTunes-Style Magazine Store

Majority of magazine firms are now considering partnerships due to the present media situation. Every magazine publisher wished to withstand the dilemma and this is the main purpose why they are now uniting and cooperating with each other. Eventually a joint store ownership will open its way to public. Some of the publishers that will take part in the iTunes-Style Magazine Store are Hearst, Conde Nast and Time but details are not yet open to the public. Therefore, listed below are some of my requests for the soon-to-open iTunes-Style Magazine Store:

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Internet Explorer Attack Alert

According to Microsoft, the owner of the web browser Internet Explorer, all consumers using old versions of the program were exposed to hacks.

Reports said that last Friday, a code was discovered posted in the Bugtraq mailing archives. Symantec, an internet security provider, expressed their concern about the effect of the code on a computer. They said that even though the code doesn’t work perfectly, it can still cause harm when unaccredited software is installed in one’s computer.

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Exploits on Climate Change Emails

Staggering news about hacked e-mail files was ignited at the climate change debate. The argument came upon on how the e-mail messages were given out covertly. The incident was truly a concerning issue about privacy and security of the community.

According to reports, the event happened in Hadley Climate Research Center located in United Kingdom where thousands of e-mail messages were breached. The e-mail and document files that were fortified by the hacker were latterly found posted on the internet. These files were uploaded in Russia via FTP server and are now raising alertness on everyone.

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Will The Advent Of Chrome OS Make Windows 7 Netbooks More Powerful?

With Windows 7 the Netbooks can perform better, but Redmond will not allow this. This is because Microsoft may not be able to undo the low-cost portables as the Chrome OS is soon to be in the market.

The new Chrome OS may have been developed for the next-gen high performance Netbooks but they will not be running on the new Google Operating System. This is because the Google Chrome OS might force the Microsoft programs from crippling the Netbooks especially in the higher market segment.

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Second-hand smoke voids Apple’s Warranty, Really?

The world is full of good reasons to kick the butt. There are baseless reasons too, but you wouldn’t have heard like the one Apple makes, they void warranties due to cigarette smoke!

Any sensible person would be against smoking so am I! I do not propose that the technicians be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Yet it is unreasonable of Apple to deny the warranties claimed on the Macintoshes exposed to smoke from cigarettes.

The Consumerist has been publishing these on two occasions over the last few months.

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